Translation & Proofreading – Clients


UNICEF, Voices of Youth: Translation of internal and external e-communications for outreach and implementation of Spanish VOY 2017 Blogging Internships.


DreamTown: Documentary filmed and directed by Betty Bastidas, narrating the stories of young Afro-Ecuadorians living in El Chota Valley, Ecuador. Translation of communication pieces and grant proposal sections.


VII Ecuadorian Film Showcase in NYC: Annual showcase produced in collaboration with the Consulate of Ecuador in NYC. Translation of collateral materials for promotion.

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EB Translations: Proofreading of medical forms for Latino population in Massachusetts as well as other reports and publications in the healthcare industry.

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Cavila Studio: Creation of documentary script, voice-over and translation of script from Spanish to English.

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Creative Project: Pizarnik and Plath Meet in Translation

Collection of sixteen poems translated by Andrea Tapia and book-art project made in collaboration with artist Kione Kochi. 


Book Information:

First Edition
Independently published May 2012

Original poems by Sylvia Plath and Alejandra Pizarnik

Translations and Preface:
Copyright ©2012 by Andrea Tapia

Typeset in Cochin and Adobe Garamond Pro
Cover illustrations by Andrea Tapia
Cover lettering, design and interior layout by Kione Kochi

Printed at Bennington College – Bennington, VT

Project introduction and full description here