Personal Photo Essay

This project aims to recreate my 12-year-old self memories and perspective using an aged-photo style. In order to clearly express the passage of time and construct a subject, I used my mom and my 12-year-old sister as models, taking advantage of their natural resemblance. Blue color temperature was used to represent nostalgia and memory. Locations were key places I visited as a child, of which I have vivid memories. Motion blur was used with the purpose of creating a feeling of being in the past and the intangibility of memory. On the other hand, higher shutter speed was used to increase sharpness and a sense of being in the present to show one of the subjects as the one recalling memories of herself as a child. To blend both past and present, I utilized a gradient, creating a correspondence and relationship between the two.

Project created within the Masters in Visual and Digital Media at IE University.

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